The Medence designlab is the most exciting side of the creative community of the Medence Group, founded in 2000, and is a department dedicated to fresh design solutions, interactive exhibitions, object design and development. With more than 20 years of experience behind us, we are a trusted partner for unique, sustainable creative solutions, be it a one-off decoration or a large-scale interactive exhibition. With a cradle-to-cradle approach, it's important to us to see projects through from idea conception, through construction and operation, to reuse.


Creative Sound Space is another step on the exciting journey of discovering the world of music. 

physical modelling of sound waves on a metal plate

conductable virtuoso robotic orchestra 

An interactive exhibition designed and developed for the 25th anniversary of the Doctoral School of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.


Full implementation of Hungarian Design Award exhibitions 

Designforum Wien, Museumsquartier, 2019

Millenáris B, Budapest

MFD kiállítás, Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, 2016


design and production

We specialise in the design and implementation of indoor or outdoor exhibitions, unique and spectacular promotional displays and interactive installations. We believe in the power of design to shape the environment and society, and in the high practice of creative craftsmanship.

We work according to the design4all principle, developing a tailor-made strategy for each project. Our professional and multidisciplinary team will identify the goals and needs of your project and work to bring them together in the most effective way.


tailored to your individual needs

countrywide coverage

design, production, rental, installation

customized branding, display, promotion

We are at home outdoors! Need a travelling exhibition? Tell us the locations and dates and we'll make the logistics plan.

Design and manufacture of unique, exclusive promotional displays, pavilions, tents, awnings, outdoor installations, logistics of stands in one hand. Single or multiple set-ups, mainly with reusable materials. The Medence designlab is the designer and constructor of many of the legendary sites of the Sziget Festival, among others.

The legendary arts venue of the Sziget Festival

Eco-friendly materials, durable design

Huge dimensions, eye-catching solutions

Meduza Light Zone, Sziget Festival 2006-10.


rental devices

Segítünk az elképzelései költséghatékony megvalósításában is.  Bel- és kültéri kiállítási és promóciós felületek, rendezvény bútorok, kültéri PROMOARTX fotókiállítás paravánok akár világítással is elérhetőek raktárunkból rövid- vagy hosszútávú bérlésre. A PROMOARTX kiállítási paravánrendszer elemekkel gyorsan látványos felületet kap.

Contact us and let our professional design and construction team do the work for you. Our experienced construction team will deliver, assemble and dismantle your desired installation on site, whether at home or abroad.



sound-producing instruments, Bélaműhely, 2005

Misical fountain, Kőszeg, Hungary 2020

Decorative light installation, Be light Ltd. office, 2008

Tünet company Peel 2018

Our unique design installations, interactive elements, sound and lighting solutions, sets, public art, kinetic mobiles, functional or promotional displays can be exciting and creative solutions for events, exhibitions, can help to make the promotion successful and add to the experience of the event.

Let's start brainstorming and designing based on your needs. Our team is experienced in the design and implementation of artistic installations, we will help you from the initial concept to the installation.

custom-made, illuminated sculptures - landscape architecture and artistic elements closely interwoven

Outdoor ambient installation

Interaktiv zenélő mókuskerékj

Stretched textile structure outdoor object

meet our team

A kreativitás színes tárháza vagyunk 2000 óta.
Tervezünk, alkotunk, fejlesztünk, kivitelezünk. Mindenre kiterjedő gondolkodók és megvalósítók csapata vagyunk, egymást kiegészítve minden egyes megbízáshoz a megfelelő szakértelmet hozzuk össze; a saját cégünkből, külsősöktől, az ügyféltől és a tágabb szakterületről. 

Creative ideas are worthless if we don't use them. Their value is proven by their implementation. We are the best at it. 

A Bartók Negyed szívében levő kreatív stúdiónkban mindig szívesen látunk, ha érdekel az alkotás eleven folyamata. 

Gross András

I am the co-founder of the Medence designlab. I am an interior designer with an architect's approach, opening windows, creating new connections, synthesizing and integrating diverse tasks into working solutions. 

The diversity of my work as Managing Director is an exciting challenge and a daily inspiration. I am proud of my team, it is one of the most important things for me.


Terebessy Tóbiás

The functioning of systems, the related forms and nodes are the topics in which I find what interests me.

I found most of them in the Medence Group. I have experienced the last few decades as a series of lucky coincidences. Together with my friends I have been able to seek answers and explore the world from many perspectives.


Magyar Gergő

Since the pool was founded, my hobby has become a full-time profession. Teamwork has allowed me to try my hand at many genres, both in design and construction. Medence re+concept is the portfolio in which I can incorporate this experience. I strive to create value: the production methods, the raw materials and the products and services provided to customers are all consistent with environmental awareness.


Kozalek Réka

A big girl from a small town with a twisted life. Saleswoman, photographer, marketing analyst, spreadsheet artist, office manager. Multitasking mum, avid recycler, renovator, DIYer.

All this comes together in this Basin all the richer in creativity.

The rational, systematic part of my being plays an important role here, I need it in my daily work, and luckily I don't lack imagination and communication.

Let's meet to get in the picture! If you're thinking about a new project or a renewal of an existing one, contact us, share your vision and we'll give you solutions.


+36 70 368 5174

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